Kristia S.

20246404_1633452369998237_2939958478912206951_n KRISTIA S. lives in the Appalachian (Appuh-lat-chan) Mountains of West Virginia.  She is a devote Christian, full-time Office Coordinator, and passionate writer of many tales.   She’s a library dweller, computer savvy, and possesses a slight obsession with pinning attractive men and recipes too fattening to devour on Pinterest (she also has an Instagram addiction).

She paints worlds with the use of limitless words, and listens to the voices inside her head like a normal writer.   She specializes in young adult genres of fiction, romance, adventure, and fantasy.   Her main goal in life is to be an inspiration for people to follow their faith, hopes, and dreams.  To ignite a light that guides people in the right direction in their life.