So…It’s Been A While

Hey, whoever that bothers reading my blog; it’s been a while hasn’t it?

Other than my Instagram pics and my excursions on Facebook, I haven’t been online too much lately (since last July actually.) Phew, I can finally say that I don’t have an Internet addiction, since I barely get on anymore! There has been a lot happen with me since you last heard from me. Now let’s see if I can summarize it up (and remember it all). Let me tell you beforehand, it’s going to be in the order of how I remember the events, not in the order that they happened.

1.) I graduated from college this11209393_994563110553836_4274061488728417888_n month on the 8th with my Associates in Early Childhood Education. Whoohoo! I graduated with a 3.78 GPA and was deemed Suma Cum Laude. Also, for my outstanding academic performance, I got to be an honor graduate. I even got cords from being part of the English Honor Society-Phi Sigma Kappa (is that a surprise that I’d be part of an English Society? And the Vice President of it? lol). I’m telling you, when I started college back in 2011, I never thought I’d make it this far or how well! I honestly thought I would be horrible and barely get by the skin of my teeth! Back in high school, I would have never in my wildest dreams have thought that this would happen. There were people who told me that I could, and there were people who insinuated (but not said aloud) that I wouldn’t–yeah, I know, what jerks! I’m going to write this next line in a very Christian manner, HA! In. Your. Face! Just kidding. Glory to God that I did graduate and that I did not allow these certain individuals bring me down. There has been a large amount of prayers and blessings that got me through it. Thank You, God! +

2.) I got a car…sorta. Technically, it’s half my mom’s and half mine, since she’s helping me pay for it and had toterri get it on her credit (let’s not open that can of worms on the credit situation), but when it’s paid off, it’s all mine! It’s a 2011 GMC Terrain. I call it Terri Suv (as in SUV and an alternate to Terri Sue.) As of right now, I have my learner’s. I haven’t gotten around to getting my official licence just yet. To be honest, I’m not in no hurry to get them (hence me waiting until 23 to get them). I want to learn thoroughly to be a responsible driver (and to learn how to not back over a well in my friend’s yard. That’s a whole other story that I shall not tell.) Since I carpool with my mom to work and back (we work within walking distance of one another), and I don’t hang out with people very often (I’m a homebody, so sue me! Netflix anyone?). I just don’t see any immediate need to get my driver’s license.

3.) I am now the Early Elementary Sunday School teacher at my church. It’s been almost a year now and I love it. The kids keep me on my toes and inspire me in so many ways. I thank God every Sunday for them! I have also taken on the responsibility of doing quarterly Girls’ Night Ins at my church as well. It’s a night of fun, food, fellowship, and girl talk. Always fun, but there’s always issues wherever a bunch of teen girls get together. (Ya, know what I’m sayin’, right? lol) It’s such a blessing to be a teacher and advocate to the ones that are now where I used to be just a few years back, especially teaching God’s Word and trying to be a good role model to them.

4.) Currently I am the Library Assistant at the college I graduated from. Since my boss, the main Librarian, accepted another job, it left the library bare of a person to help students. So I was offered the job and I quickly accepted. It’s a casual employment until another Librarian is hired and I’m not needed anymore. This job has inspired me to pursue another career direction: I’d love to become a Librarian. After a year’s break, I plan on beginning another degree in Library Science.

5.) I have signed on for another 1000 hours at my current DHHR job. I really like the job and the people I work with, so why not? The people I work with are so inspiring and encourage me in everything that I do. Especially one of my bosses, Jennifer, and my really good friends Regina and Carlotta; all three Christians, all three equally wonderful ladies to work with. While I work there and the library, I’m busy putting in resumes at Child Development Centers.

editing remarks6.) My writing has much improved. I have finally buckled to outline every project before I begin writing them. I’m currently working on three projects: Wishbooks #1 the same book I have been working on for years now, Fallen for the Kid, a Young Adult time-traveling, romance, and a untitled Young Adult Christian Contemporary novel based upon a girl who writes a diary while enduring the struggles of her failing heart, faith, and family issues. I understand more on the mechanics of plot and how to outline, thanks to K. M. Weiland’s books. I don’t rush into projects like I have done in the past. I don’t allow myself to have the mindset “let’s hurry up and get this done!”. I’m taking time to explore and learn about my books. Yes, I still have my struggles, but what writer don’t?

That’s about it for now. Just you wait, when I hit the ‘Publish’ button, I’ll think of more to blog about! It never fails. I promise that I will be blogging more, since it’s good for me, and also, there just may be someone out there interested in reading what I have to say! (Doubt it) However, thanks for reading!

Kristia S. |Author| Christian | Instagram freak | Pinterest addict|


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