FASHION: Favorite Winter Outfit


I have never ever posted about fashion on this blog EVER. But tonight, I will. 🙂
I want to discuss on my all-time Winter favorite styles. That is sweater dresses, leggings (solid-non-transparent), and knee-high boots (dark brown preferable.) And to top it all off, a waist, cinch belt.

People may look at me and think I’m not much for fashion because I usually keep to the same outfits, and seemingly prefer t-shirts and jeans. I have my favorites and I usually wear them more often than others.

I’m actually obsessed with clothes, boots, scarves, and belts. And since I have begun getting my own income with my job at my college’s library, it has…increased.

What? What’s that look for? I love retail therapy! What’s wrong with that? Other than my money slowly diminishing before my eyes?

But I do have control though, fortunately, which is my grandmother giving me the “Do you really need that?” expression that always sends my stomach into a tumble of dread. Yup, she still has that affect on me, even at twenty-one (almost twenty-two), and it will never change, even when someday that I move out of her house.

Anyways onto the outfit.

You see above and below, I have my favorite outfit. It’s a greenish-blue sweater dress with an over sized turtle neck, a brown cinch waist-belt, some imitation jean leggings, and dark brown knee-high boots. It’s a slimming outfit, if worn correctly, fairly comfortable , and modest. I’m a person huge on the modesty aspect, I don’t really care for showing much skin, or it would make me uncomfortable. So modesty is the best policy!


I guess that’s it for tonight! Just thought I’d share this little tidbit post. 🙂


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