Prayers for Water

spillSince Thursday night, (some speculate 9:30 A.M) nine counties in West Virginia (my home), has been banned from using tap water because of a chemical spill into the Elk and Kanawha River. No one is to use the water for bathing, drinking, cooking, or doing laundry–it’s only good for flushing the toilets. If a person is like me, we can’t even do that, because our water is turned completely off.

The contaminate in the water is potent methanol (I don’t know the chemistry details of it), but if large portions of it exposed to a person–from what I hear, can cause infertility, skin rashes and irritants. I have even heard an advisement that the water shouldn’t even be used for fire control because of the chemical.

There is a water ration and demand of supply. The entire state is under Emergency, the Capitol dome light is on signifying this. There’s hardly any store–if any, have any water to spare. There are stations in schools, churches, and centers distributing water to residents in need.

Stores, schools, and places of work have been closed down for this.

I know that our situation isn’t any comparison to that of other areas of the world who are forced to live in this kind of situation permanently.  No one really realizes how they are BLESSED with what they have. So I do not come to you for prayers for us in WV, I come to you requesting prayers for people that are forced to live in this kind of condition everyday of their lives. I’ve only got a taste of it and it is not pleasant.

No matter how much my desire for a shower right about now, I don’t ask for your prayers for us, I ask prayers for those who only know these conditions.

With love and God Bless,

Kristia S.


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