A movie for any age!

I went into watching this movie with high expectations, because I adored Tangled–its predecessor. It didn’t disappoint! I’m a sucker for Disney movies, always and always. They always promote good morals and values, in this one it promotes the value of sisterly love.

There is romance, which is another thing I am a sucker for. But not just the kind of romance that you’re thinking about. It had a love relationship for sisters. It was the main focus of the story and also the moral of acceptance of who a person is.

Elsa–the Ice Queen, is in her terms “cursed” with the power of ice. Although the origin of how she had gotten these powers is unknown, which makes me hope that the story line maybe picked up and played further for future movies. Perhaps it was a deal with Jack Frost? Who knows?

Anna–the main character, is a spunky, stubborn one. She’s a strong character in a sense, but also is very vulnerable when it comes to her relationship with her sister Elsa.

Kristoff–the ice boy who has an unfortunate career in selling–you guessed it: ICE. He’s an odd one, talking and eating after his faithful reindeer. But he’s such a cherished character, adorable to the core and has a kind heart.

Then Olaf the heat, hug loving snowman. Who wouldn’t love him? He’s so cute and funny! My favorite line of his is, “Can you do me a favor? Grab my butt!”

The story line is amazing and is never boring. I highly recommend this movie for all ages.


star rating


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