MOVIE REVIEW: “The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones”

My review on the Major Motion Picture “The Mortal Instruments: City of bones.”

If you aren’t on my personal facebook or following me on twitter as of late; my updates have been nothing but RAVING over my love and adoration for the recent release of City of Bones. I am a die-hard fan of the Mortal Instruments books by Cassandra Clare. (Ever since 2007 exactly.) I have followed up closely on the film project for years and hoped and prayed for it sooner. Now that time is here and I almost had a FANAATACK (fan having a heart attack.) I cried where it was done so incredibly well!

I took my two little nephews and my mom (which my mom is just as much of a fan as I), Friday at 3:30. I couldn’t make it opening night on Wednesday because of round the clock college classes and the next day I had to work. So Friday was my day, and I was heartbroken at how empty the theatre was! Honestly, I think the movie has been released at the wrong time. Maybe perhaps in the summer it would have been PACKED, but now? Everybody is going back to school and stuff. I heard positive feedback as I exited the theatre though!

For one, let me get my rant/vent over the “movie critics” as I loosely term them. I have no idea where their imaginations are coming from or where they went, but City of Bones is NOTHING like Harry Potter or Twilight! And I’m a fan of both of the series, I should know! I absolutely despise people comparing anything to the past and gone. Maybe loosely terming it as: “follows the general appeal of Harry Potter and Twilight, but brings a whole phenomenon of its own along for the exhilarating ride…” would be more of a way to put it. But Critics are MULTILATING it and not giving it a chance at all. Seriously, if one book-to-movie adaption that should have failed it would have been the Twilight Saga, I could actually see that happening. But TMI? It has best of all worlds, demons, warlocks, fairies, angels, vampires, and werewolves, and it’s not entirely centered on romance, but action and saving the world. Okay, the “Critics” claim that it’s a mock of Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, and Twilight together, and gives it gigantic beef over. Um, talk about hypocrites? Why are you giving “Fifty Shades of Grey” (never read it and nor will I ever) HIGH PRAISE and it is publically acclaimed as a “Twilight fan fiction”. Hm?

Anyways, over with my critic rant.

The City of Bones movie is so hard to put to words. I will repeat as a lot of fans have said, “It’s the best book-to-movie adaptions I have seen yet!” I can’t say that every single detail was put into the movie as it were in the books. But there was A LOT of detail put in and then some. Some scenes were cut and then meshed together, and also placed in a different time of happening order, which was fine by me and made a lot of sense to be seen on a movie screen.

The acting was superb! I had my doubts about Jamie as Jace I have to admit, but he ERASED all of my doubts once I saw him in full action—and shirtless, yum-yum. He had the perfect persona for Jace, a balance of everything. Yes, he isn’t the most GORGEOUS man-specimen there is, and I would have to say there probably will never be; but he’s pretty ATTRACTIVE. Also, what I like about his casting is that Hollywood is stepping out of the stereotype zone of the “sexy guy” as the main character, and they kind of went for a semi-sexy-semi average guy for Jace. In my opinion, Jamie’s personality and the way he holds himself makes him extremely attractive to me. Gets the chemistry going!

Lily Collins as Clary couldn’t have been more perfect. Seriously, she’s almost how I pictured Clary to begin with. She’s such an accomplish actress that knocks Miley Cyrus and all of these other “young actresses” out of the park. Lily has the makings of being the next big actress in Hollywood. She’s beautiful and talented.

The rest of the cast did wonderful too! I LOVE Magnus Bane.

The way they did with meshing scenes and rearranging the time order made sense and gave the movie more depth. I love how the ending was quick and full of action. Valentine is insane and the portal was amazing! I certainly love how some things are revealed in a tasteful manner.

City of Bones is definitely one of my favorite movies! I recommend anyone to go see it, original fan or new audience eyes alike.



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