BOOK REVIEW: “The Shades of Alabaster” by Carrie L. McRae (on

The Shades of Alabaster


The countries of Leotia and Eastonia have been at war long enough to forget why they started fighting in the first place, and both monarchies are in a state of crisis; for the first time neither has a ruling monarch. Fifteen-year-old Rhona Gustave learns she has strong ties to both the opposing royal families, and her heart becomes torn in two directions. When her mother is arrested by Eastonian mercenaries, Rhona puts her own feelings aside, leaves Leotia behind, and joins forces with Atticus—a sixteen-year-old Eastonian with a will for adventure and a mission of his own. Rhona faces the daunting task of going up against the most powerful man in all of Eastonia, Regent Pierce Gar Dovian, and she must do this while also battling her feelings for the increasingly unpredictable Atticus.


A title that I very so much wonder: why isn’t it seen on bookshelves everywhere yet? 

I have followed Carrie L McRae ever since our inkpop days together, and I have had the pleasure to watch the “Shades” grow into a best seller quality book.

How do I know it’s a best seller quality?

Well, after every time I read this book, I can’t get it off my mind until weeks afterwards. That is when I know a book is worth the read and addictive worthy. Three words describe my relationship to this book:


Okay, I’m going to be brief, I promise. Although my inner fangirl wants to ooze about this book to you and never leave out a detail. But to save you from my insanity and spoiling you of all the goodness, I’ll keep it to mere paragraphs.

The story that follows Rhona Gustave and her companions is a whirl wind of emotions placed into turmoil after turmoil. At times, you feel the need to take a breather, but the story draws you in so much that you forget to breathe.

I’m not just saying this, it is the truth.

Are you a reader that seeks a romance fix? This book has it. Love action and adventure? This book has lots of it. It all has a perfect balance of all the elements I mentioned above.

The romance is realistic and unexpected. You can feel Rhona’s heart torn in two between two boys she has developed feelings for. There is almost no disunion between the two, because you yourself as the reader find yourself loving both boys. There’s also a perfect balance with these relationships.

Motherly and daughterly love is the main element of the story that speaks to any heart that loves their mother. Rhona and Adelaide’s relationship is beautiful, so beautiful that Rhona risks everything to get her back at all costs. At moments, I found my heart warming and swelling with the sense of their love for one another.

The action and adventure is breath taking. Almost in a constant, Rhona and her companions are thrown into a battle. If it isn’t with the foe of Gar Dovian, it’s the murks of the Greater Wild on Eastonian soil, or Pilate River on the border of Leotia. Dmitri and Atticus’s fighting skills never wane or disappoint.

Riveting characters and fluid words tells this story in such a fashion that in itself turns the pages for you. It’s as if “the Father of Lights” or Lazarus is reaching over your shoulder and flips the page. It’s just that good. The pages flip so much that you don’t realize that you have wolfed the whole book up in one sitting.

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Just click the book cover above and you’ll be brought into Rhona’s world and story.


3 thoughts on “BOOK REVIEW: “The Shades of Alabaster” by Carrie L. McRae (on

  1. I know I’ve said this before, but you are just so good to me, Krisita. ❤ Thanks for all the love and support.


  2. Sounds like an interesting read, I’ll check it out another time after all the books I have already to finish xD

    I wanted to let you know my blog had changed url to and if you plan to follow it still, click the follow button on the bottom right 🙂 I have two articles for you to look at when you have the time.

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