My Journey Thus Far on My WIP “Righteous Wishes”

1 Righteous WishesHere’s a little post on my WIP Righteous Wishes. I have been working on it for a little over a year now. It has grown and changed so much that my head spins at the idea of it. I basically wanted to make this book a religious one, like Narnia and LotR, but now it has taken on just a “religious undertone”, something that’s hidden and merged with the story and characters. I want readers to look into it and try to discover its religious meaning. I want to make people think and witness to them at the same time with these books.

However, what I think that inspired this book series other than God Himself, is Diana Wynne Jones’s Howl’s Moving Castle. I was watching its movie and reading the book at the same time, and I loved how she formed an out of this world world of Wizards, Witches, and jumping scarecrows. Something so out of this world and entertaining. Then I was watching Avatar the Last Airbender’s sequel series The Legend of Kora. I also loved how the world is formed with a mixture of Steampunk Victorian era. I wanted to create a world with a mixture of time periods inspiring another in Distoria. Also around that time, I had a funky dream about flying pigs and a girl and boy running from these government people who is after a book in the girl’s possession. Aside from the flying pigs tidbit, I kept the dream and started to form as I now know it as Wishbooks of Distoria.

I immediately knew what my characters looked like and their names. Almost like any other author, you begin to look to Hollywood for help in applying faces. Also, I see this book as a movie as I am writing it. 😉

tumblr_ljhyosGS1A1qdn0n6o1_500_largeEmma (who really is Ethel, her despised birth-given name) who looks like Chloe Moretz from the new film adoption of Stephen King’s Carrie and Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows. Chloe has the sweet, innocent looking face that I picture Emma having. It’s heart-shaped and she has full lips like she does. Also that hair of hers would look amazing with an orange like ginger shade. She possesses the fiestiness that Emma has within her and surfaces occasionally when provoked, but she also has that shyness that she can have at times.

Then Ace Abbas my beautiful Gypsy boy with a haunting past. I immediately knew who I pictured him as Drewtumblr_lp801kRUA31r0hr1mo1_500_large Roy, who was my current obsession because of Falling Skies which he stars as Noah Wyle’s eldest son. He has the charming smile that I picture Ace having, and that hair which has the potential of being floppy if he grew it out. He’s tall, lanky, and pretty well-built for a fight. And those EYES *swoons*, they can look intimidating, but at times they appear timid and soft like Ace’s does. I’m more sure of picturing Drew as Ace more than I do Chloe as Emma oddly. He’s just BEAUTIFUL!

The rest of the characters falls into place after these two. Like Emperor Distane, who I see Gerard Butler taking the role, Emma’s mother Thea for Terri Hatcher, and Christopher Emma’s father for Simon Baker from ABC’s Mentalist.

Ever since those fated weeks of the birth of this book, I have been plagued day and night of this book. My mind is constantly on it. I think this is my SOUL-WRITE, my soulmate in writing. It’s the project that will make it to book shelves one way or another. I wrote the second draft of it for NaNoWriMo, and now I am currently writing the third in order to print it next month. It has grown so much since this time last year, that it’s mind-blowing. There is mystery, magic, romance, and a destiny that everyone must face in the end of it all: a choice.

I’m not going to reveal too much on the overall plot of the book. 😉 You’ll have to wait until it’s published for that. Now while you are here reading this, be a doll and click the tabby that says WISHBOOKS of DISTORIA, where you will read the blurb, an excerpt, and listen to the soundtrack. Keep an ear tuned! There will be a future for this project!


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