SHORT REVIEW: “Wander Dust” by Michelle Warren (spoilers are mentioned)

I give this book a star rating

Peace, love, and Wander Dust!”

I adore this book in many and all ways possible. Serephina (love the name), is a girl who is suddenly catapulted into a mythical world of Time-Travelers (Wanderers), Seers, and Protectors (who in this case is a Godly beautiful Bishop). Seraphina is a strong character, who gains a lot of burdens, secrets, and mysteries on her little shoulders. Also, throw in some confusing, sweet, and heart pounding tidbits of romance!

I am extremely impressed by Seraphina’s character. She isn’t exactly a damsel in distress, and she isn’t a quiet girl. She’s pretty rebellious when it comes to her distant-emotionally-challenged-father Ray. She got a purple streak in her hair to get his attention, and even a belly ring. She’s far from a soft-spoken damsel. At one point in the book, Sera wishes that she’s stronger and knew how to fight better, so she won’t be hiding behind people anymore. I find this endearing and makes me love her character all the more. And foremost, she’s brave, smart, and kind, things that immediately attract me to a character.

The world behind Wander Dust is beautiful and mind-blowing. With the Academy, the legends of the Wanderers, Seers, and Protectors is absolutely breath-taking! I really liked the legend on the Seraphim in the Bible being a link to their people. The teams that are assembled during these people’s high school years (some younger than others in some cases), the team consists of a Protector, a Seer, and a Wanderer, all centering on aiding the Wanderer in time-travel. They use “relics” to travel back to when the item crossed paths with an event or person, and they use that trail to go to that time. Like how Sera may have traveled back to her mother when she was attending the Academy, and that was a dosy of a Wander!

However, what is a story without the vilains?

The Underground (or as Sera calls them the Grungy Gang), consists of the anti-Wanderer Society, who are hell-bent on gaining power and will do anything possible to get it. Of course, when Sera is dumped into this world, they lay their eyes on her. I have a sense that she is the most powerful Wanderer yet, or perhaps, she’s all three in one?

Another element that I love about this book is the love interest, Maxwell Bishop. Bishop is the typical mysterious boy who has a striking interest in Sera from the beginning. Their relationship is playful and isn’t “forced”. But there is a pull between these two throughout the book. Sera can’t seem to get Bishop out of her head, and I am sure it is the same with him. Sear fights the pull because she presumes that Bishop is taken, but Bishop keeps making “the moves”, like him whispering in her ear, “Sera-phi-na.” and disappears, leaving Sera all flustered. I love how Bishop’s personality isn’t easily read, and keeps you wondering about him, but I also love how his feelings for Sera is pretty much in the open. Sera makes him open up a little bit.

This book is an addicting read that will leave you breathless and wanting more. I know it did me. I read it in one sitting! I cannot wait to get the next installment in the series “Protecting Truth” and then onto “Seeing Light”.


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