Weekly Music Recommendation: “Barton Hollow” by Civil Wars

I don’t know about you guys, but this song is very catchy and inspirational. It makes me want to write a country centered novel placed in Lousiana.

(Which I am, actually.) Where a girl is running away from her past, and she gets hired to be a nanny to the young children of a rich man. The girl is a teenager and is struggling to graduate high school. Private schools aren’t cheap, and she needs the extra protection with her records. She loses her waitressing job and her apartment, so she has no choice but to accept this man’s job offer. While Addison (Addy) works for this man, she falls in love with his son Wesley (Wes). However, here’s a twist: the father is dying, and he needs a mother to take in the children, for he does not believe his college aged son is responsible enough to take them after his death. So Wes’s father asks Addy to marry HIM, however, Addy nor Wes’s father have any love interest in one another, but Mr. Lamkin has no choice in the matter if he wants his children taken care of by someone who loves them very dearly like Addy does.


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