A Snippet From My “Righteous Wishes”

   ‘I will hate you for the rest of my life, mother,’ Emma types out to her. ‘If you make me marry that man!’

Edith tells her, “Then that’s a risk I am willing to take to keep you safe and secure!” a determined flame ignites in the irises of her mother’s eyes.

  ‘Even for the price of my happiness?’ Emma asks.

When Edith doesn’t reply, but just stands there and glares at her daughter. Emma types one last line to her. ‘I guess it’s not important for me to be happy then, because it has certainly not been important for you to be happy. So no one in this family is allowed happiness.’

Then Emma walks out, leaving her mother in a dead silence. Little does her mother know, before Edith has a chance to marry Emma off, her daughter has plans of her own.

“Righteous Wishes” (book one in WISHBOOKS of DISTORIA trilogy)


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