This Outlining Method Works For Me, What’s Yours?

outline for Cold TeaI call this the “Quick Outline” method. I just open Word, turn it orientation, give it three columns and bullets. I just then write away. Also, if I see a plot building opportunity I’ll leave a comment on the side. I pretty much just do a run through of the book–non-stop. I wrote this entire outline in a day, and I feel that it is on the right track. It only took 5k to write the entire outline.

I don’t know about you guys, but I have tried many, many novel outlining ideas like crazy. Post its, index cards, Scrivener (still useful with arranging chapter beginnings and endings though, and writing the novel), note taking apps, and just plain out taking it chapter by chapter summary. None of it really worked for me. So I took the simple latter, that is just do a run through.

What are your outlining methods?


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