When I Receive…”You have an ability to write.” I…


Seriously, I do.

I just received graded papers back yesterday. They’re just little tidbits of papers, like, short stories, poems, and little essays. I never really expected much out of them, perhaps a C or B. There’s where my self-esteem comes in again, I always expect to fail. But this time, I did not fail. I got a comment from my professor that has made my entire week.

“You have an ability to write. You just keep doing it.”

Those two sentences encourage me beyond my comprehension. Especially when I received the compliment from a college professor. 😀 This knocks me out of my low self-esteem funk.

Have you ever received comments from teachers or professors, about your writing? (Other than grammar and punctuation of course.) Like, straight out comments? Do they lift your spirits?


2 thoughts on “When I Receive…”You have an ability to write.” I…

  1. I totally know what you mean, and you really have a gift!
    We both have a certain magic with our words, we can paint a vivid scene for the readers in such a minimal array of words. We may have complications with punctuation and grammar but i think its the very thing that leaves us capable of such mind blowing story telling. 🙂

    1. Sometimes I don’t feel like that I do. But that’s my low-self-esteem talking there. lol. I get into those funks every now and then.

      Yes, we do. 🙂 And more people need to see it. I also think too much grammar and punctuation can restrict us in ways of creativity.

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