No, I really meant P-I-T-C-H-E-S, get your mind out of the foul language catagory! (<- This me trying to be funny.)

Okay, I don’t know about you guys, but I have the most problematic area in writing pitches. Yeah, those few paragraphs smashed together that summarizes up your baby. These things give me such a headache! Espeically, when I really don’t know WHAT my readers would want to see in the pitch.

Is it pitch or blurb? I never know which to call it!

So far the main keywords I have in my pitches which are consistent are: Distoria, Distane, Emma, light, darkness, Wishbook, Ace Abbas, and war. Even after HOURS of working on these little paragraphs full of information, I always come back and change SOMETHING. My one problem is I’m wordy, I want to detail TOO MUCH. Then when I get out of being wordy, I get to where I delete TOO MUCH. >_< I cannot win for losing!

But this could be my self-esteem talking. I’m too much of a perfectionist because of my self-esteem issues.

Anyways, this is the current work-in-progress pitch that I have.

The kingdom of Distoria people bows to the wicked emperor Luca Distane. If they don’t, their survival will be questioned.  However, fifteen-year-old Emma is one of the few who does not bow nor fear Distane.

Emma’s soul shines with faith and hope; a righteous radiance that attracts people and even magical relics like a Wishbook.

Stumbling upon a Wishbook, Emma finds a new burden on her shoulders—for the book can grant wishes, and is sought-after by many.

When Gipsy boy Ace Abbas comes, he voluntarily carries Emma’s burden along with the others he already possesses. Can their combined strength make this gift bearable—or will they both collapse?

Distoria falls into despair, a war tinges on the horizon. Emma is forced to leave her home, and is faced with two vital decisions about the Wishbook: fight with it or flee from it.

Will she fight in the war, or will she flee from her very purpose? Is either risk worth her soul?

Thoughts, ideas, tips? I could use them!


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