The Last Weeks of Spring Semester…

Why do they have to be so slow for? I mean, just a few weeks ago I said, “Yay! Just a few more weeks!”, then now, “Why is it going by so slow?” I’m done with one of my classes which is Family Relationships. I had the “final” Thursday, which was a presentation on a Parent Workshop, that I would present to the parents of the kids in my class. I did it on “Self Esteem Awareness” and how parents factor into it.

My next final should be Math, but that could change. I have Appalachian Humanities, Music, and Math 085 to go. So far I have a B in Math, a A in Humanities, and honestly my Music grade shouldn’t even be vaild, because I have had so much trouble with accessing the class (it’s on the internet).

Anyways, I have had a tough semester this Spring, because of family problems and other factors. My grades won’t look as good as they used to be. :/


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