19 More Days Until Carrier of the Mark Is OUT! And Plotting My NaNoWriMo!

Due to Leigh’s publishing date coming up in October, I’m bringing back the review I had given her in the early days of Inkpop. ^_^ I had the pleasure of reading it before it got published. And since then I have followed Leigh’s journey through the publishing industry with Carrier. Now it’s right up on the date that the world will get to read this masterpiece!
Well, due to inkpop having deleted my review on Carrier, I can’t find it anywhere. >_<
But along the lines, I said something about how it reminded me of Twilight. But as I think of it, it really doesn’t, because honestly, Carrier is better and more unique. It was just the theme of forbidden love was the only thing that resembled it.
Give me a break, I was a Twi-Hard–more than I am now, I mean literally, I was one of those crazy Twi-Hards. Nothing but Edward on the brain. lol. I still love it, don’t get me wrong, I’ve just moved onto other books now. Like Carrier for instance!
Also, along the line of the review followed on how it was great and became one of my favorite reads! It really is! I’m still drooling over Adam deRis–and Rian. ;D I’d take me some Rian anyday! The beauty of Kinsale and Megan’s adventure through love and her painful obstacles. And this is only the first book! I can’t imagine what could happen in the next two!
This a work of genius! And I’m so lucky to have immersed myself into Leigh’s world before Carrier went into print! 
Okay, now onto my NaNoWriMo.
After a post on The Escapism Project by my friend Mariella. She posted a picture of a girl sitting on top of a brick wall. A new plot idea imediately popped into my mind. Then Anna M. posted a blog on NaNoWriMo, and got me thinking on working on this new plot idea for it! It’s a short but sweet novel idea that I could quickly write up–hopefully. I think I can take at least 2k a day in November, I could overkill the wordcount by the end of the month! Anyways, here’s the Pitch and cover below!
“Sometimes you’ve got to be freeas the wind…”
Five centuries in a small gardenin the middle of a forest, out of sight and out of mind by humans.
For fivecenturies she has been bounded to Kayhir Nadalla garden, to never set footoutside the confined brick walls. For five centuries she was haunted by thememories of her beloved, Dramir Wavia. For four centuries of knowing she’llnever see him ever again.
After a decade into the fifthcentury, she wants to be freed. And the only way for Kayhir to be freed, is tohave a human fall in love with her.
She can lure a human easily, getthem to give into her with ease, but the delicate contours of love are a totallydifferent story.
When Wen Haddox stumbles into hergarden, he appears to be the classified A jerk. But he has hidden secrets andpain.
Kayhir cannot stand him and Wenwants her badly—not in a  loving way either.
But Kayhir won’t take any chancesof losing a chance to be freed of her confinement. So she plays the love gameon Wen.
But can she make this jerk fallfor her?
More importantly, could she fallfor him?
   I’m currently working on the outline and cluster for it. I have outlined the first two chapters!                               
   Sorry that I haven’t posted in a while, College has been hectic lately. Especially, Psychology, with the constant quizzes, and College 101 isn’t fun at all. (That woman barely grades anything! Or tells the assignment instructions clearly!) But good news is, I’ve got a A–well almost an A, in Psychology and a A in English! My English teacher has taught me a good bit in writing, like clustering for instance. It helps me some in plotting. And oh my gosh, my Speech teacher, Mrs. Banks, is the best! She’s an inspriationt to me! She’s the type of teacher I want to be! She makes you feel comfortable and at ease in her classroom. I think I could do a speech pretty comfortably now.
  I’ve decided to stay at the community college to finish out my Degree in General Education, so I can teach Preschool for a few years, then after the few years I’ll work my way up through the grades until I’ve explored them and figure out what grade I do best teaching in. ^_^
  Well, I’m going to either go to bed or study Psychology. Learning about Human Development this week. Did you know that the brain is the first to develope, before the heart? I didn’t until I read it this week.


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