Imma about to go all Kung FU PANDA on ALEX PETTYFER hott SMEXY BUTT!

Hmmmmmm glad I caught ya’lls attention. 😀

Ya heard me, and if Alex by any SLIGHT chance you see this, watch it boy. *squints the watchful eye at you* I’m a person you’d have to watch out for, as all my guy friends says. I ACTUALLY knocked out one of my best guy friends Jr, with a Mountain-Dew bottle on our school bus a couple years back. YEahhhh I got suspended off the bus for a week over that. And Jr had a knot on his head, AND he was knocked out for five minutes! lol. When ever he sees me he ALWAYS mentions it, I’ll NEVER live it DOWN! I was a LEGEND for that the whole ninth grade year.


I’m about to go all Kung Fu Panda with a hint of Walker Texas Ranger (Chuck Norris) on this pretty boy’s BUTT! That is if I EVER get close to him to do it. :/ Which is slim.
I have been torturing myself with praying, begging, stalking twitter, and stalking google for any OFFICIAL news on Alex taking the role as Jace. And all I have been hearing is gossip and rumors of “The Last Apprentice”— which is about a twelve year old by the way. (Does that make any sense for a twenty-one year old to take that part???) I don’t think the books have even been optioned for movies! Let alone already casting it! I’ve NEVER even heard of these books, and I’m all about the book world.
But honestly, I think Alex would have done already said something about being this kid in that book. All he’s been talking about is I Am Number Four, Beastly, Now, James Hunt, and City of Bones. No “The Last Apprentice.”
Seriously, all this hype going around for a week or two about him being offered the role and all, it’d be a shame for him to turn it down! And why would there be all this hype for the possibility if him not taking the role? I think it would have been the best to keep it hush hush if that was the case. THEN announce if he did take the role! And if he didn’t they should have just kept it to their selves! GOSH! They are REALLY working on us fans hating them! I know they are me!
I need SOME OFFICIAL NEWS! Not this rumor crap sprouting from Vulture, and other gossip friggin sites. Cassie would announce something ALREADY! Or TMIExaminer on twitter. I HATE when journalists that just wants attention do that! It’s sickening!
And if Alex turns it down because there this crappy thing going around that the fans don’t want him. 0.O Which is friggin CRAZY, almost EVERY fansite has his face on the banner! They don’t want him my HUGE FRIGGIN BUTT! I think the producers are panicking about how much they’ll have to pay him. haha. Or they’re making us sweat and squirm at our computers. -shrugs-
That BETTER be the case! Or I’m going to be so friggin mad! Alex if you turn it down, watch your pretty behind, my foot just might be jammed up it PAINFULLY! Then I’ll apologize and ask for a autograph. haha.
PUH-LEASE, I have pictured you as Jace for YEARS! You’re soooo hott and fit Jace so perfectly! And you’re such a GOOD actor, I can tell because I’ve watched all of your movies.
Look at me, I’m writing like I’m writing to him. -slaps self-
I have been soooo obsessed with this for the past week, that I’ve made myself sick from it! Ahhh I wish I had a life so I wouldn’t be so wrapped up and dedicated to this. Eck. I need a life, no I need a JOB, or better yet FINALLY get into college! Then I wouldn’t drive myself so darn crazy over this!

Anyways, I thought I’d do a little rant while I felt like it and am hyper.

Night night all, hope this post was amusing.

With lots of love, Kristia S.<3<3<3
God Bless<3<3<3
1 Peter 4:10


5 thoughts on “Imma about to go all Kung FU PANDA on ALEX PETTYFER hott SMEXY BUTT!

  1. I must get soemthing out……OHMYGOSH BEASTLY I'M SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ALEX IS THE ONLY GUY WHO COULD EVER STILL LOOK HOT LIKE THAT!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. DITTO.ive been going crazy searching the internet every 2 seconds for new info for the last moth even tho i had exams lolaarr cant beastly come out already, waited 2 years for it. will be soo disappointed if alex isnt cast-i doubt ill watch the movie at all

  3. Honestly, I think they would have already announced if he has passed up on it OFFICIALLY through Sony Pictures or Screen Gems. So they may still be in talks.But I am liking this other guy that is going around. But he still isn't MY Jace. But I would give him a try if he was casted. :/ His name is Douglas Booth.I JUST WANT MY ALEX AS JACE THOUGH!!!!-cries-

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