internet withdrawals = not pleasant

Well…I haven’t had internet since thursday. So I call hughes net that night, to get it fixed. Well… Conclusion to that is, three hours on the phone with a foreign guy. And we couldn’t fix it at all like that. So they supposedly call a tech to come and fix it. Which they didn’t, I had to today!!! Soo ooo the guy should be up here wednesday between noon and four. Hopefully I’ll be back online that day!!! *crosses fingers*
So I’m writing this post on my LG android phone. Which this is a pain. Such a small screen and I camry post anything onto inkpop!!!! I’m having bad internet withdraws!!!! I miss my chats with Hannah!!! I miss playing with my blog!! Everything!!!! This is pure torture!!!

JustThought I’d let you guys know!!!

WithLots of love, kristia s.
God Bless
1 Peter 4: 10


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